2 thoughts on “Elekta Direct – Customer Care Contact Phone Number in UAE

  1. hema subramanian says:

    I bought elekta 5 burner gas stove before 5 years. The product is excellent. I dont remember the model number, but it resembles EGC-B505SSMKII. But few days back occasionally i am getting electric shocks when i switch on the knob. Its a major concern, as my children uses the stove too. Kindly suggest.

  2. Gurmakh ( nee Sajan) Nanikram Bhatia says:

    My Elekta Microwave Oven is having a problem. The screen on top has started acting funny and does not show timing but instead has light / numbers flashing across continuously. So I can only use it by guess work since I cant see the time lapsed.

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