Best i7 laptop in UAE

The Dell Inspiron 5559 Laptop is currently the best value for money laptop in the best available configuration. The Dell i7 laptop features a whopping 1 Terabyte of storage coupled with 8GB of high speed RAM and a 4GB dedicated graphics card, making it the best i7 laptop available in the market.

Dell, being the most reputed brand with superior support network all over the world provides unmatched value for the money. Competing laptop models cannot compete with this high power laptop.

Detailed Configration is as follows:

  • Intel Core i7-6500U (6th Generation)
  • 15.6-Inch FHD
  • 1TB high RPM Hard Disk
  • 8GB high performance RAM
  • Dedicated 4GB VGA graphics
  • Windows 10
  • Glossy Black colour (Silver option is also available)

Offer Price: 2,699.00 AED (Actual price: 3,599.00 AED)   – You Save 900.00 AED

Currently on promotion in, 

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